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Knee-pads that won't break the bank?

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I am looking to get these as a gift for my father that does flooring, as such I don't want anything extremely expensive. Somewhere around 60 bucks would be my upper limit.

Main things are they should be comfortable and last atleast a couple months, he does flooring on the side now and then so its not absolutely important that he gets something in the 500 dollar price range that will last a lifetime.
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Lowe's has a pair for around $17.00 that are the most comfortable I have ever had. Kneeling or walking to the truck...

I'll look online and see if I can come up with a link or pic.

Here they are. Holy crap, could the link have been longer ? I only use one strap and they are great, the customers dog got to the first pair and taught me how I had to wear them. :) Oh did I say $17 ? "FAIL"

Hey everybody, time to raise labor by ummm.... oh ...... say 100 % ... Well maybe 30% :thumbup:|1&facetInfo=
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