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My brother-in-law builds kitchens and sent this link to me. I thought it may be of interest to you guys.
The estimated cost breakdown from the houzz website was as follows:
Cabinets: $18,000
Brushed quartzite and granite countertops: $4,000
Wolf and Sub-Zero Appliances: $16,000
Stainless steel farm-sink faucet, handles, lighting and fixtures: $3,000
Tile, flooring materials, miscellaneous materials: $2,000
All construction labor and materials, including electric; plumbing: $20,000
Fudge factor: $2,000
Total: $65,000
We would be more $$ here in Southern Ontario.

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I never saw a level or laser while they were installing. Must have been a perfectly level house :w00t:

I saw the same light spot as you tjbnwi.
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