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kitchen island built & painted to match dinette

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after we built it she asked me to match her stuff
i hesitated, then told her i could do anything
now she has me doing all kinds of things


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Did you MAKE the cabinet.. Looks good, the two tone is ...interesting
made & painted
She "wants" you....:whistling
That's one tiny island. :eek:

Nice work on the match--although the corners look closer than the rest (was that on purpose?)
Looks great. The chair doesn't look painted? How did you match a wood finish with paint? What is that counter top made of? It looks great.
If the HO ever gets rid of her dinette, she will probably have you strip it down & stain it the same as the other cabinets. What kind of wood did you make it from?

made & painted
Nice job on the match.:thumbsup:

That kitchen looks pretty tight with the island in there.
If those are 12" tiles on the floor, there is only 24 -30" of clearance on two sides. Man that tight.

But if she is happy, we all can be happy.:thumbup:
the paint all turned out as planned since the table with the chairs was a little different as well. Top is granite ( friend of the client specializes and get choice pickings ) and yes it is a little tight but not as bad as we all thought it would be. I told her it would be tight and gave her as much as i could with plenty of comfortable space to walk around. But still WAY better than we all expected. Island is made from maple because I thought it was going to stain like the rest of the kitchen, til she went to Dallas to get the table then got the color match idea.
Appreciate the compliments, now look forward to seeing other pictures from everyone else since i have a few mins.
No island receptacle?


Looks good.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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