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Kitchen Design program? Any suggestions?

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Hello everyone,

Quick question here. In the past we have used kitchen planning program to lay out and design our kitchens. It was free and provided a user interface that ACTUALLY worked pretty well and we could save 3d renderings to send to potential clients.

For some reason though, it seems that they have stopped offering this feature. I've been looking for a program that I can use but after hours of searching and getting frustrated I can't find anything.

I've found and tried using it. At first, it seemed like it was going to be perfect, however after getting started i've found that it is sooooo buggy and glitchy that it will not work.

Does anyone else have any suggestions that I can use without spending HUNDREDS on a program that requires a learning curve to learn?

Thanks much guys!
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I'm also interested in this...I would like to like homestyler too, but it drives me insane when it's not working!
Looks like you and I Mstrat are alone on this:eek:
I think that what you guys want doesn't exist.

Without really knowing what you guys need, I would suggest to you that you could go for a "free" program like Sketchup, which is the one I would recommend.
Yes, it is free but it does take time to learn.

I just can't think of a program that is easy to learn, low cost and does what you need it to do.

Pick two of those three choices.

Hey andy,

Thanks for the reply. I think I'm speaking for Mstrat too but we're not looking for something where we can actually "draw" anything. Instead looking for something that can let us input dimensions of rooms and adjust walls and then let us drag and drop items such as kitchen cabinets/appliances/etc so that we can create a rendered floor plan of a cabinet layout and give us a 3d picture of what that layout would look like.

As I've mention above, I used free kitchen layout program that they provided on their website that I believe was powered by 20/20 layout software but they don't seem to offer it anymore. And then I've found Homestyler.coms program which WOULD be perfect but it's so buggy and glitchy that its a waste of time.
Look at ecabinetsystems. Free. More designed to the cabinet maker but has stock cabinets in library and can do renderings.
One kitchen designer I talked to uses 20/20 and one other one I can't remember. 20/20 is the one Home Depot uses, I don't know if it's the best program for kitchens or not, but they can whip out a kitchen design in 15 minutes, not going to happen with sketch up.
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