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I use (4) credit cards almost daily, keep cash, license and about 10 other misc cards that I need, but not always (3 medical cards, fishing license, sam's club, restaurant rewards card).

When I charge the cards I keep the receipt in my wallet and a few times each week I enter them in quickbooks (business) or quicken (personal).

My wallet is just a simple two sided, cards on one side and cards on another. It gets cluttered with receipts and can get thick and disorganized.

I need to get organized, I am losing cash, receipts and just lost a check from a job I got paid for.

What are you using and where can I buy one? I do not necessarily need something I can fit in my pocket.

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I use one of these to keep organized.

A beefy Briefcase made to protect and serve!

Laptop. PDA. Digital camera. Think of all the expensive gear you’re carrying around these days. How do you keep it from getting dinged and damaged? Shake hands with The Fully Evolved Briefcase. So tough, so protective, it's like a 300-lb. bodyguard for high-tech gadgets. Rugged as all get out, ready to get banged, dropped, stomped. Stands up on a car or plane seat so you can get into it easier. Yet flexible and expandible for easy packing. Packed with pockets, including a hidden one for your 007 stuff.
At a glance:

  • Built of rugged 1200-denier polyester
  • Organizing dividers inside
  • Removable padded laptop case is cushioned at the bottom for accidental drops
  • Pockets for pens, business cards, keys, PDA, cell phone, two pairs of glasses, water bottle, tickets, newspaper
  • A near invisible zip pocket for passport and "high security" items
  • Flexing, shock absorbing carry strap
  • Back sleeve for sliding over your suitcase handle
  • 17"W x 7½"D x 13"H
  • Imported


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