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Keeping Track Of Cash Jobs

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I'm not sure how to handle the bookkeeping of cash jobs in QuickBooks. Anyone have any experience with this? Do you bother keeping records at all on cash jobs?
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What cash jobs? I know nothing! Nothing!
The biggest problem with cash occurs when the wife finds it.
Ben Franklin's not talkin'.
Deck's, Do you have to dig footers or are you allowed to build directly on the permafrost?
Talked to my friend in Timmons, Ont tonight and he said that it was -26C. Sent me some pics of his scoot sitting in the snow, do I need to know more?
We have had almost a week in the 70's to 80 today, clear skies and a breeze off of the ocean. Might go fishin' tomorrow. Bummer, I have to BUY ice to keep the beer cold.
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Talked to my buddy in Timmons tonight, -26C there. I have a problem with being anywhere that just being outside can kill you. Our last little to do was in '47, 2 in one small space is an all time record and anyone who chose to bail had plenty of opportunity.
They come during the summer, don't last long (Francis may be an exception) and when they leave you can do the repairs in your shorts and tee shirts. You also have a chance to meet your neighbors as you exchange house parts. Does life get any better than this?
I suppose that I could live up north, freeze my A off e v e r y s i n g l e year'
have all kinds of clothes, snow tires, heating bills, living inside like a rat in a cage.......Nah. I'll take my windstorms along with the tanned babes in bikinis and cold margueritas at the beachside tiki hut.
HMMMM. Thinking of going to the local beach for lunch tomorrow, it hit 80 here today. May be the same tomorrow about noon. Maybe I'll get some shrimp and do a little surf fishing while watching the babes and eating lunch.
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You're right Grumpy, insurance pays for it too. When all is said and done I'll have 4 properties that doubled in value in a year, add in the appreciation rate of 26-30% per annum and I may retire earlier than expected.
OK! Semi-retire. Wait, I think that I'm doing that now.
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