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Just starting a new business in media blasting

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Well , I am searching for information as to what type of system to invest in would like to buy a unit to do mobile blasting , been looking at Blast boss, and Esco blasting, one sells sullair, the other kaeser compressors, kaeser has built in dryer system, one manufacturer says you do not need a vibrator to shake media down, the other says you do. I just want to invest wisely hoping you all can help me out , or maybe recommend another company who builds a mobile units, on like a 16 ft to 20 ft trailer would like dry storage on front for media and tools , help please thanks.:clap:
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Steve, welcome. :thumbsup:

Id start off by looking around the sights.

""one might be show your set up""
its shows some of our set up on trailers and trucks.

I found setting up my own stuff (which is miss matched) to my needs
I was able to buy the pot, compressor and air dryer I needed.

left room to change and grow as I need.

"kaeser compressors, kaeser has built in dryer system" sounds like a good system. any blasting should have a air dryer on it to run good.
Why do you want to get into the business?

It's messy, dirty and dusty.

And believe me... some days you're going to want to sell everything and do something else... like YESTERDAY!
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I have owned and used both eco and blast boss ( surface tek). Neither pot needs a shaker. The eco pot that I had was very heavy and un balanced as far as moving it around or lifting from a truck. The company was and may be on very shaky ground and took months to ship my pot. Blast boss is a responsible company. They tend to be right there when you need some help. Pots are much easier to move around. I bought all of my stuff separate. It's just a lot of down money to put out to one company if anything goes wrong, but I guess it's quicker to plug and play.
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See my recent topic posted just a few minutes ago titled "Thanks a lot MMLJ"!
I had the worse luck with Kaeser! You cant get parts for crap! I cant wait a week for a part to come from EU. But i also have an IR compressor i want to replace also, but can get parts for it quicker. As for pots, Surface tec is great once you convert over the valve to a Thomson 2 slotted valve. 2nd the why get into the business;)
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Welcome Steve. I'm new too and I have learned alot from this site. The guys on here have alot of knowledge to share. I recommend that you try to read through all of the pages in this Sandblasting section (48 as of now). Do your homework, it will pay dividends once you get going. Where are you located?
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Don't forget to put we're you guys are from in your profiles


I too just started in business 8 months ago. I would love to share some of my victories and many of my losses. I believe in the business and think the potential is great. What part of the country are you located in?
I live in southern illinois in Marion
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