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just got my licence

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Finally got my licence and on the way to start my own buisness :cheesygri .
I have a nice job on hand just have to figure out how to do this. Well I will try to explain then I would very much appreciate some advise.
The walls are pretty much "naked" (looks a whole lot different them I`m used to) and they have metall (like a mash from to to bottom) on the corners. Also a about an two inch gap between ceiling and walls. So I thought to cover and smooth out the metal with spackling and then put raw wallpaper ( with those wood chips in them, thats if I can find these here) and last paint everything. The gap I am not to sure, she wants trim on it.
Also there are no doorframes there yet. I might take some pictures and post them. That`ll help. Any suggestions?
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Tania... what a friggin way to start your business. I can't figue out if your in the rafters of a chicken coup or in the hull of the USS Scorpion.... lol A pic might be a good way to start..... either that or find a nice repaint close to home. Whats wood chip wallpaper anyway ?... I don't think I have even seen this....hmmmmmm. Good luck on this me a pic if you can't post it.
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Hi Tettor....

What 3 countries are you in ?..... I think you are in Florida right ? Have you checked out my web page yet, lots of neat stuff inside to peek at.

Teetorbilt said:
Mark, just noticed your BM trademark. Sometimes I'm a little slow. I work for Plaza Paints (BM dealer) here, 7 stores in 3 Counties.
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