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just got my licence

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Finally got my licence and on the way to start my own buisness :cheesygri .
I have a nice job on hand just have to figure out how to do this. Well I will try to explain then I would very much appreciate some advise.
The walls are pretty much "naked" (looks a whole lot different them I`m used to) and they have metall (like a mash from to to bottom) on the corners. Also a about an two inch gap between ceiling and walls. So I thought to cover and smooth out the metal with spackling and then put raw wallpaper ( with those wood chips in them, thats if I can find these here) and last paint everything. The gap I am not to sure, she wants trim on it.
Also there are no doorframes there yet. I might take some pictures and post them. That`ll help. Any suggestions?
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The wire lathe bit has me a little confused. I'm assuming the walls are bare like new construction, i.e. the drywall is finished without paint. If that's the case, you'll want a good primer coat, ask if you need help selecting a suitable primer.

As for the tops of the walls, tell her to put some crown up, problem solved. Same for bottoms if they have gaps, just run some baseboards.

Give us a better idea what kind of lathe is on the walls. Are you sure those aren't the metal corner beads? If they are, it should be floated out to make a flat, square corner with drywall compound. The very tip of the corner beads are slightly rounded, and should still be slightly exposed prior to painting.

If you're not putting up crown, I would recommend filling the holes with strips of wallboard, then taping and mudding those corners between wall and ceiling. I wouldn't recommend just filling with gobs of mud in any case.

Got a pic of the lathe?

EDIT: Are those plaster walls??????? Forgot all about that, lol!
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