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Just curious about the process

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I just do drywall and mudding, I don't stick around to watch the painting and finishing work, repaints are pretty straight forward, But I am curious as to the normal process of new construction painting.

So one painter tells me he primes, finishes ceiling, and puts a coat of paint on, then leaves until all finish work is complete then comes back and does the final coat once the house is basically complete, cabinets, carpets and everything.

Another says he finish paints 2 coats, leaves and comes back once all other work is complete is just touches up any trade damage and cleans things up, caulking and stuff ect

and another says this and another says that.

What is the normal process? I just want to get a grasp as to the way everything is done from foundation to move in, but this finish stuff is where things get hazy as to my understanding of it.
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I've done sprayed in place, sprayed off then touched up, sprayed off then a final brush coat for a different look. All depends on what look you're after.

The spray the hinges is just wrong on so many levels.

There really is no "normal".

Why not paint those pretty brass ones and then swap them our during lock out?
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