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Joining a flat roof to sloped shingled roof

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Our covered porch has a flat roof on top and then sloped shingles in the front. What options are there for the joining, so that it isn't this ugly shiny strip. the roofer is saying that there are no other options.

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Here is a pic of the structure


Become a contractor, then DIY :thumbup:.
Copper time it will turn a nice patina color...will look good with the brick and the style of the house...:thumbsup:
The roof membrane should overlap onto the shingles about 3" and be secured with a typical roofer nail about 1' apart. Then a cover metal can be installed to cover the membrane. The metal doesn't need to be "shiny" it can be a color coordianted "factory painted) metal. It could also be copper like above suggested. If the membrane they are using is torch applied, do not use aluminum. If the metal is properly matched, you won't see it from the ground. in addition, there will need to be a metal flashing where the front porch roof meets the brick wall, so it'll match just fine even if you can see it.

LOL now if they are using galavanized and saying there are no other options, that's a problem. Kynar steel will cost just slightly more than galvanized steel. Aluminum trim coil is petty much the norm, but I stress again, not to use aluminum if the low slope membrane is torch/heat applied since the heat will warp and bend the aluminum.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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