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John Pickle & Son Ransom - OWWM Rip & Bench saws

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One of the guys over at my other forum ( OWWM ) just purchased this saw bench with a sliding table. I have never seen this brand come up on the forum and I thought it was a pretty stout machine just from the looks of it.

There were 3 models that the company made and they spared no expense with the cast iron.

The makers Badge from one of the saws:

Some information about the company's history:

John Pickles and Son of Royd Ironworks, Hebden Bridge were engineers.
1883 Circular saw for cutting hot iron, with steam engine on same bedplate, featured in 'The Engineer', 23rd November 1883
1894 Large log band saw. Illustration and article in The Engineer
1900 Details and illustration of a Paving Block Sawing Machine
c.1930 J. Pickles and Sons of Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire took over A. Ransome and Co Ltd[1].
1971 The company closed down. Its former premises at Mytholm Works, King Street, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire were acquired by the firm Fred Brown Engineering in the 1970s.

The next run of pictures are of the 2 machines that were purchased by a member over at OWWM.

This is the smaller of the 3 , the slider with the quadrant and miter (not pictured ):

Next is the larger rip saw that he saved from the melting pot:

This one was purchased by someone else at the same auction and is the "big boy" of the 3 saws, the picture doesn't do it any justice as to the true size of this saw but you can get an idea just from the blade and the massive construction.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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