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job site air filtration

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Is anybody using air filtration on their job sites? I'm a remodeler looking for something that would clean the air in large rooms or basements. I'd like to know what you're using and how you like it, thanks.
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JDS 750R

Air filtration, about 750 CFM, 3 speeds pretty good filtration. Kinda big.
I think there was a large thread asking this not so long ago. But if you want it for small jobs then maybe something like a Novair 2000. I have seen these on sites a few times and i think they run HEPA filters also.
They seem to do a pretty good job but filters clogged pretty dam quick but then again they are trapping the crap you want trapped.

Here you go

Just spoke to my mate in UK and he said he uses a AirCube 2000? Never heard of it but he said thats it's a one person deal and it does a 30x30ft room no problem.
After doing some calculations it looks like it's about 1000cfm. Which is about ok for the room size he says.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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