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JLC Live in Providence, RI 2014

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Anyone planning on going?

I plan on being there for most of Friday(definitely the beer events anyway) and I signed up for the Festool Connect thing on Thursday but I don't know if I can do more than half a day at that.

Post here or shoot me a PM if you're going and wanted to meet up at some point. Kent and I got together at one of the beer events last year. We were both disappointed that the other wasn't really a tall blonde woman:sad: but, other than that, it was a good time.

On a side note, does anyone know what discount(if any) Festool offers at the show?
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I haven't been for a few years, I am thinking of going this year. The last time I went, I spent more time looking at name tags than the show. I never saw a CT name that I recognized.
Maybe CT should start sending hats to folks that have more than 500 posts. Hint Hint.
There was talk about T shirts...

Based on some of the discussions lately, it might be a good thing that some guys can identify each other.
Are exhibitors giving away passes or Promo codes? I will have to see where I can get a pass
Giving this a bump. Nobody else is going?
When is it? My wife is going to RI for work. Maybe it'll be the same time and I can tag along.
Never mind. Quick google search and I figured out. Different days.
Last bump. Tomorrow's the only day I'm going. If anyone is going to be there and wants to meet up, shoot me a PM. I'll probably either be creeping Mike Guertin out by sitting in the front row all day or drinking my way into some rash tool purchases. We'll see.:whistling
Sorry, completely missed this thread. I was only there for a short time friday because I was short on time. I am hoping next year to be able to actually take my time and check everything out again.
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