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I've Been Using Job-Shack

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For what it worth I've Been Using for leads.
Job-shack doesn't list tons of work like bidclerk or reed but what they offer works for us. We are commercial painters and it looks like 90% of what is offered on this site is Wal-Mart projects. We have been bidding mostly remodel projects and landing a good amount. Also there is no per state membership is it one fee for all states. Plans and Specs are listed to.
Just passing it along...Good luck all!
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Do YOU pay $60 a month to use it? I would like to see the jobs available in my state before signing up for that....kind of a leap of faith IMO.
Yea I have been paying it since January. Remember we work in many states so $60 a month for all of Wal-Mart projects for the nation is a good deal....for us.
once again, we need background check for newbies
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Agreed! :thumbsup:
once again, we need background check for newbies
looks like the new guy get picked on :) no worries

Sir mixalot your a you have any experience with media blasting split-face block with walnut shell before you paint?
Well, when your first post is about a lead generating company and then you start your first thread about the same lead generating company tends to make you look more like a spammer than a painter. :thumbsup:

Spammers are frowned upon not only by the admins of this forum, but the members can also be a little harsh on these types as well.

The best approach would be to do an intro in the introduction section. :thumbup:
looks like the new guy get picked on :) no worries
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