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It Begins

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The begining of a steady wet snow this afternoon in the Nortwest Hills of Connecticut.


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I love it when the season changes and snows . This is my favorite time of the year. No snow here yet, but the leaves are a fallin'..It's FUN time in Michigan!:thumbsup:
Don't let Gene see that old building......he might knock it down and set fire to it! :laughing:
Had the same thing here Nick. This is way too early. BTW.....wanna sell that air compressor ?
Ewwww..... Had a little here but not enough to worry about. I'm not ready yet!
We had it earlier in the week, it was gone by the next day, but it makes for a sloppy messy day!


Good one! :laughing:

BTW................ I am looking for a compressor also.
[Don't let Gene see that old building......he might knock it down and set fire to it! :laughing:
Just in case I havent made my true inner feelings on the colder New England months known here:

I F'n HATE IT :eek:
With every stich of my being I hate it more and more with every passing moment.

I cant explain it. Through most of my more formidable years (15 to 39) all I evevr wanted was a get away place in Vermont we I'd hunt for food and cut wood and build on my open wind swept mountain land.

Then at around 40 years old I suddenly felt the cold in a way I never imagined and dreams of living in the Florida Keys are all I have when I sleep now. Yes, I can see my fat a$$ fishing on the clear turqious waters now.

While I still think the turn of the seasons, changing foliage, and fresh snow are beautiful things I hope to admire them from afar and I'll send post cards from my boat while I'm fishing off the coast of Isla Morada as often as I can Nick.

Keep Warm:w00t:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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