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Isolation Joints

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Poured a driveway up against a home foundation without an isolation joint - standard practice in WA state - Home owner had the driveway tore out and now wants me to pay for it. Thoughts? :furious:
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Apparently, the OP never responded back or provided additional information or found what he did was no acceptable in that part of WA.

There are many different climates and necessary precautions to take to eliminate problems.

If you have frost, the garage is probably below frost on an lea susceptible soil. Possibly because of better soil perperation and water control. the problems cused bu frost are from water lenses that form in the soil.

Driveways are usually just dumped with a bare minimum of preparation and not choice but to accept the current drainage dictated by the landscaping. If you have a slab on grade that can heave upward, it should not be connected. If it is connected, something will eventually have to fail and give (often on the bottom where it is not seen and the effects are hidden for years.

There is a big difference between eastern WA, the mountains and the coastal areas and Mother Nature does not repect state boundaries.

There is a good reason to isolate different sections if the can be subjected to different conditions. Hanging one thing off a more stable part is not an excuse for tying them together.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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