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Is this realy built to code?

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Just finished staining this deck and couldn't beleive the supports or lack of same! This is in a devlopment of A frames built in the woods around several lakes, must be 75-100 decks with the same elevation and design

Tree Shed Room Building Roof
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whats' under the 4x4's?
for what I see, heck no! beam is just right on top of columns and probably just toe nailed.
Thats a pretty wide open question for a pic that far away. Also depends on when they were built. Here in the woods of Pa, no one was thinking about codes 10-15 years ago. Some still look good, some not so much.:rolleyes:

That being said it looks very questionable, a whole lot of 4x4 out of the ground. It does look like someone took the time to put in a lot of stairs though.
whats' under the 4x4's?
This question reminds me of the Holy Grail movie. The castle sunk in the mud and we built another on sunk too! So we built this one on top of that one.
No way would that pass code in Ontario. Too many deficiencies to list. Here's a few - posts on the ground, insufficient bracing, no mechanical connectors from post to beam, railing posts not correct, railing gaps too large. But code may be different where you are.

They are very strict about deck construction here.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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