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I do not know much about property inspectors. I assume this ad is a joke and no one could live with the pay and with what you are expected to already have. Is this just another Best Of CraigsList?

We have an immediate opportunity for Property Inspectors throughout the state of WI.

Inspections require 2-20 minutes to complete, depending upon the type of inspection.
Extensive photos are required to provide evidence of the condition of the property.
Compensation ranges from $5-$50 - most inspections are of the $5-10 type.
Compensation terms are Net 30 from month ending.
Most inspectors can complete 5-15 inspections hourly.
This is a 1099 position.
Although most properties will be concentrated in urban areas statewide travel will be necessary.


Digital camera with time/date stamp capability
Computer witgh internet access and email
Dependable transportation
Insurance [$1mm General Liablity, Workman's Compensation or sign waiver, $1mm Errors and Omissions insurance[needed after 90 days]]

Qualified candidates please submit a resume and your contact information.

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I have a firend who "inspects" foreclosed or about to be foreclosed homes for mortgage companies. He takes pictures, usually 8-9, and notes the general condition of the property (did they steal the appliances when they left etc.).

That add sounds very much like what he was doing.

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a lot of these type offers are what some in the internet marketing industry call "blackhat offers"

What I mean by that is that when you apply for this job you will receive an email stating that the position has been filled already. We would like to keep your info on file, we use xyz employment company to maintain all the resumes' on file for us. Please submit your info to them to be considered for future employment.

They do because each resume' that gets post to these employment companies generates a commission for the scammer.

I'm not sure if this is one of those cases but it looks a lot like the ones I've seen in the past.


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I had a few e-mail converstaion with a "guy" that posted that same ad here in Knoxville. Okay so heres the deal if it is true you have to ad O&E insurance which is more money on. If you are lucky you will get 30 a week and then have to wait a month to get paid. I mean really this SH*T is getting stupid, is a mans time and labor not worth ANYTHING anymore. I know I know BUT these are bad times and you/we should be happy to even be able to have something to do, and I say BULLSH*T, but thats just me :)

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"Okay so heres the deal if it is true you have to ad O&E insurance which is more money on. If you are lucky you will get 30 a week and then have to wait a month to get paid. "

That was about right. They were sending my friend 20- 30 per week spread all over the place. Subtract gas / insurance and it was a near loss. He was desparate at the time but only lasted a month or so. I think he is mowing lawns now.

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I charge $350-600 for a home inspection. It does NOT take anything less than an hour, usually 1.5-2 hrs on site. There's a lot more that goes into an inspection than what's being stated above.

An inspection report takes a couple of hours to draft also.

I know one full time home inspector, charges a little more than me and he does about 1 inspection/day. But he is also certified in mould, does extensive moisture, air quality, etc. inspections as a part of his service. He can charge almost 1k for a single 2 storey home inspection.

That ad is a joke, I wouldn't even drive past your house for $10:thumbsup:
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