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Is this how Pittsburgh works?

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Excuse me while I vent! Been looking for work in Pittsburgh after moving here. Why do people think an experienced carpenter will work for $10 an hour with all their own tools! Then when I get hired as a plumber the guy offers me a job and pay rate and then calls the day before I was to start and says he found someone cheaper! He suggested my starting rate!
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I guess most people don't care about quality of work anymore as long as some Mo will toss it up for dirt cheap. I know I don't know it all but I at least have pride in my work and do it right! I guess that's why my place here came with 1x4 as baseboard, a crooked cabinet install and a leaking shower.
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It wasn't for a customer it was for a job. Since I moved to pittsburgh for my fiancés job I figured I should work for someone since I am not very familiar with pittsburgh. He suggested my starting pay the. Texted me the day before I start saying he found someone cheaper ... I'm mind boggled
I thought I found work :( ....
I was hired until the day before work!
If he was going to hire someone cheaper I would have started lower to prove myself he's the one that suggested I start at the rate he then said was high and found someone different. A hand shake isn't worth it's weight in crap anymore I guess
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Yes almost every tool you would need. And I've been involved with renovations and additions commercially and residentially for about 10 years now. We always did our own plumbing and always subbed out hvac and electrical tho.
Framing, drywall, flooring, kitchens, baths, doors, finishing , light electrical and plumbing have done a few furnaces but its not my cup of tea
Yeah we live in a nice area but I'm still getting familiar with it. And codes and inspectors here are way stricter than what I'm used to. Pretty much a union ran county
Thanks for the advice guys. I just feel like crap cause I was counting on the work. Maybe I can find some side work to gain enough to start my own business which is the main goal. Who knows all these guys who claim to be handy men around here and work for peanuts I should be able to find some jobs fixing their screw ups ha
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Thanks Gary... And good point about the tax refund time ...
I am live in green tree area. But luckily I got a call last night from what sounds like a promising opportunity. Ill keep you posted and thanks Eric if this doesn't work out I will for sure!
I actually found a good job guys! Got hooked up with a guy with a pretty new contracting and service work company so hopefully now we all stay busy... Thanks for the support and good luck to you all
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