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Is this how Pittsburgh works?

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Excuse me while I vent! Been looking for work in Pittsburgh after moving here. Why do people think an experienced carpenter will work for $10 an hour with all their own tools! Then when I get hired as a plumber the guy offers me a job and pay rate and then calls the day before I was to start and says he found someone cheaper! He suggested my starting rate!
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I thought I found work :( ....
I was hired until the day before work!
If he was going to hire someone cheaper I would have started lower to prove myself he's the one that suggested I start at the rate he then said was high and found someone different. A hand shake isn't worth it's weight in crap anymore I guess
If your a talented hand & a hard worker, my advice would be to roll up on some higher end jobs & offer to work for 2 days for free. Tell him if at the end of those 2 days, that he belives you'll make a good hand, he owes you for the 2 days, plus the rest of the week. If not, he's lost nothing by giving you a shot.

I landed 2 different jobs early in my career with that tactic. Got paid for my free days both times.
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