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Is it the season to be rude too?

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I’ve been on the side of the sales end of this industry for the last 10 years, and it seems as if calling prospective clients around this time of year becomes a bit dubious.

Case in point yesterday I had 2 bad ones; I’ll describe the rudest one. Let me first say that these are people who have taken the time to fill out forms and leave information on various purchasing sites in which we are listed. This particular person had gone to and requested information from us there.

In this instanced the potential customer had left a note where he described some sort of side board he was looking for (the note really didn't make alot of sense) Well I call the guy, I always make it a point to first explain who I am and how and why I am calling, the guy proceeds to just give me pure hell on the phone. Saying he did not aprectiate being contacted at this time blahh blahh (3:00pm in the afternoon) I asked if there was a better time to call him back, and set him off again?? I tried to explain to him that I am not a telemarketer and the only information he left as a contact was his phone number. It was like he didn’t even hear that.

I know some would say just hang up but I hate to leave someone with a bad impression of the company without being sure they fully understand what it is and why I am contacting them for. So I let him vent an remained professional, just ended up by saying that I would remove him from our data base and he would not be contacted by us again, and reminded him if he was not the one to leave is name, address, phone number, and note on the web site that should be cause for concern to him.

The Christmas spirit I guess… geeeeez…..
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Ugh...It's not you, it is just the time of year. It is especially tough right now becuase of the economic disadvantages everyone is going through. But some people are just rude!

Keep trucking until Jan, it will get better...
Alyssa's right...

I've been hittin' the phones for the past few days, reaching out to past demo's....previous customers....etc.....and as much as I'd like to think I have a way with people, my thoughts are that with the holidays quickly approaching people are under alot of stress, and are less likely to take the time they may ordinarily take to discuss their projects and are more focused on shopping, taking care of family, travel plans, arrangements, etc.

My thoughts are the same as hers as well--after the holidays, things will get better.:thumbsup:
The Christmas spirit

Don't feel alone with dealing with rude people this time of year. Some years ago we lived in Georgia, went to Atlanta one weekend to Christmas shop at Lennox Square Mall, the BIG mall. Driving around the parking garage I see a space a little ways ahead of me and head for it.

Meanwhile, a car whips around the other end of the aisle headed toward me as fast as it can go and blocks me from turning into the space. I had already turned and had my front bumper in the space when the woman does this, glaring at me and rolling down the window.

I roll mine down, and she's yelling at me that it's her space and for me to back up. As I decided I didn't want my car destroyed while I was inside, as i back up I hear her yell "G**damned rude out-of-towners..."

The irony was lost on her, as I'm sure it was on your prospect.
There's something about Christmas that brings out the worst in people.

I spent years working in a supermarket (High School, College, Grad School) and dreaded the holidays. The same people who shopped there the rest of the year but come Christmas they were full of hate.
I had someone visit my website and fill out my contact form inquiring about a fence. I contacted them about an hour after I received the email and the lady was as rude as could be.

She spoke to me like I was cold calling her. I told her I was not interested in her project.
That is all I get anymore. The people act like I am forcing them into something when they are ones the called me to give them an estimate.
Wheww, glad to see it's not just me....

The other guy I had mentioned was rude.....

I call him (again he had to fill out online forms for me to even have his number) first he put me on hold for about 3 minutes then came back to me and proceeded to just drill me with questions, which is fine but I could tell by his tone he was trying to be as condesending as possible. I answered all his questions, (unlike some sales people and especially telemarketers I was in his shoes most of my life and understand all the questions he asked 'trying to throw me off') he had gotten on the subjected of buying cabinets from us, when I answered all his questions he was finally like "well I doubt I would be purchacing cabinets anyway" I'm thinking then what the heck was all the comentary about then? It was like he was just asking questions just to see if he could stick me or something.

I don't like telemarkers as much as the next man, but like I said these are people who have left their information to be contacted. Sometimes it's like darned if you do and darned if you don't. I do believe it is going to get better after New Year though... (I hope!)
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