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Is it ok to kill your workers?

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I was just curious.

I would say that in most cases, I could prove in court that it was self defense; they must know that some of their actions could cause you to have a brain aneurysm or at least a heart attack, to me that's malicious intent.

If you have guys that you rarely, if ever. have to say something to; cherish them, they are worth their weight in gold. Let them date your daughter, use your beach house, kick you in the butt once a day, what ever it takes, it's worth it.
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Tell you what Punch, you let me know when you need real help. :thumbsup: I'll take a ride down to the city to give you a hand.......if you'll finish that story for me.:laughing:
In Minnesota its OK to kill your workers if you can prove they didn't suffer.
A good lawyer is a necessity because we have liberal courts and workers rights.
In your area I believe the hit mans union would require a conversation with Pat "No Neck" Marrieta, and depending if the worker were connected or not you would be required to use the services of a card carrying professional.
In Minnesota we just back over them once or twice, pays to have a Dodge Diesel.
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I did finish it, part 3 is on the end of the first 2, hope you get a laugh!
Ahahaha. I love it. Moving to Minnesota :)
What I find amazing is that you actually have workers. Most of us are stuck with employees who are not workers.
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