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My LinkedIn notices today included a very interesting article on conventional sales principles and whether they are fully relevant any more. I've titled this post a little different from the article because unless you speak sales you might not be familiar with the term sales funnel. The concept of the sales funnel is self evident in the article, but it basically is used to illustrate how a prospect moves through different stages to arrive at a sale at the end of the cycle (or bottom of the funnel).

The article is written in the context of insurance but the principles are the same for any service business which means it's very relevant to contractors. You may have been noticing that potential clients often arrive much better informed at the beginning stages of contacting you than they did in the past. By not adapting to the changes and operating on the principles of the past, your sales and marketing will suffer.

Here's the article:

Many of the comments are also interesting. With all the questions and discussions here on CT in this Sales and Marketing section, this should be a valuable catalyst for more discussion. At a minimum, it will make you rethink your sales strategy if what used to work is less effective now. I like the fact that the author is "mature" but knows better than to get stuck in outdated patterns.
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