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I just looked it up and the only ones still there are,, and are any of them any good?

.com is of course the most widely used, but there others, .net (would be my next choices), .us , .info

If using something other than .com, I would hi-light:

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It will depend on how your or your webmaster set up the site. Also why not consider your company name .com, .net etc?

Or,, gotta use your imagination and then have someone build the site who knows what they're doing to come up on searches.

You could call your site and get all the traffic in the world with a well-built site.

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You'll find most of the short, one word URLs will be taken...and registering an obscure suffix is not the way to go to compete with the others for traffic.

What is your business? Are you local or national? Supply, install or both?

Target your URL to your specialty, location, niche:

etc. etc.

The shorter the better. The easier to spell, the better.

.COM and .NET are the most widely recognized and I would stick to them if possible.

If I find a site name I like, I will typically try to register at least .COM, .NET, and .ORG--just to prevent someone else from coat tailing or cybersquating. It's not always possble.

There's a funny Saturday Night Live commercial about a brokerage firm whose spokesman explains they were late coming to the internet. Their web address is www.clownpenis.fart because it was the only address left. :laughing:


It's not nearly that bad... but it does take some thought and searching to come up with something unique and easy to remember.

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I would avoid hyphens. You want a name thatis recognizable so you don't have to spell it every time. With a hype. You're gonna have to explain that every single time.

"sun dash rooms dot com"

" Got it"

"no sun then a dash then room"


and stick with .com IMO. Get creative and you'll find something. Took me a week on my latest name.

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Domainers search for posts like this and reg the names to resell to endusers every minute of the day!

Put the names on notepad.
Leave OFF the .com, .net extensions.
Go to your registrar when you want to buy.
Look around for register domains, and find the drop down menu and select "Bulk Register", or something similar.
C &P your list there and select your extension, then enter any code needed.
Register ALL that are available! There is usually a discount offered too.
Use the shortest one for your site and 301 all the others for SEO purposes.
Examples: Type in and/or to see what I mean by type in traffic and SEO.

Give me a call at 804-833-6418 and I will explain in more detail today. Not a sales pitch, just free advice.

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I want to get better urls but they seem to all be gone. Is using another url that is not .com a bad thing and which other ones are good to use?

thank you
My traffic comes when people click on a link and IMO they don't care if it's a .com or one of the other extensions. I would suggest a short URL with a keyword or two.

If something you like is taken check over at, it might be for sale over there. The domain name market is a little soft right now so you might be able to get a real nice name for small money.
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