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What would be the best filter/system for iron and calcium residue for well water? The water leaves scum on glasses and red brownish residue on fixtures.

Also what brand are well known for such filters?
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Take some water have it tested. Lots of different kinds of iron
Filter or Remove would be my question.

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It really depends on the actual water quility. Best thing to do is get a sales rep test it. Culligan or the likes. That way you will know your hardness, iron level and or manganese.

I have a well - deep jet - that is new but has nasty water. Sulphur/iron at higher levels. Had Culligan come out and test - showed me what they had 'but' their systems would not do the job. And from tales told I wouldn't go for them.

Had a Kinetico rep come out and test - Sulphur/Iron at high levels. I went with Kinetico for various reasons.

1: Equipment uses no electricity
2: Have a dual tank system for treament
3: Regeneration rate is low - only 30 gallons (most systems use upto 100 gallons to regen.)
4: The sulphur system uses only household bleach - 1 gallon lasts about 3 months
5: Great 10 year warranty - and they stand behind it

I am not promoting them - just saying I have gone through it all and am very pleased with the results. Our water is clear and ordorless with no buildup on fixtures.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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