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OK, not sunny all the time but I still love this state. My good friend and I just formed a general contracting business out of Seattle called Vertical Construction Group, LLC. Steve is the GC, Jason (me) is more of the business, logistics, software, supply chain, accountant + swing a hammer when needed guy. I work for Fluke (that’s right all you electricians) during the day as a project manager in their development team. Steve is attending UW for a construction management cert and will be managing the projects as they come up. Steve has 10+ years in construction, he just finished a stint with Ikea Portland as their head GC for new building. We plan to focus on residential remodels, home improvements and some of the niche market of log home building / maintenance. Looking forward to learning on this forum, hit us up with any questions.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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