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Hi All,
My name is Ted. I am a General Building Contractor. I work throughout Washington State. I focus on sustainable building.

My main goal is to build a safe, lasting, water tight, properly vented house. Doing this builds customer trust and promotes better building.

I work one job at a time (if you don't count my own house; an ongoing project). I am willing to make less money to ensure a job is done to my standard.

I love to work outdoors. I love working in the trees, its my favorite part of building. Just finishing framing a second story addition here in the rain. Overbuilt a leaking flat roof. Adding 550 liveable sq ft for owner. Used a 36 ft. ridge beam to create a 12 ft. max ceiling height. Beam is 3.5"x14"x36' framing gluelam longest clear span is 21ft. Rafters are 2x12x20 and 2x12x16. Had to tie into 1910 farmhouse and overbuild a ugly flat roof connecting to another addition built in 1993 with the longer rafters. It beat us all up getting a gluelam 25 ft in the air(tree limbs prevented boom, crane, etc.) I tried adding pics but they are too big sorry.

I love the outdoors. Skiing, camping, boating, snowshoeing.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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