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I am new to this site and they recommended I introduce myself to sorta give others the chance to get to know me.

I have been in the construction trade for a little over 14 years. I started out at the bottom like everyone else. I started out in trim, doing baseboards and all the other grunt work no one else wanted to do, like for instance, closets. I was promised a huge salary raise after a year, (which didn't come till years later). I stayed with this trade because I actually enjoyed it. (Prior to this change, I had been a manager in the fast food industry and had gotten very bored with it).

After 2 years in this trade doing primarily trim, I decided to become licensed so that I could do jobs on my own on the side. I took a class, studied hard, and passed the test my first try. I have to say, this is a very hard test to take; without the class I took I wouldn't have passed it. State law in Michigan is sorta peculiar, the mathematical questions difficult, and you really do have to have some knowledge of the trade itself. I know others who didn't pass the test on the first nor second try. Anyone who wants a builders license in Michigan better be well prepared or you'll have to pay the testers fee again and again. I took this test many years ago, but back then I believe it was something like $50 for the law part, and I believe something like $90 for the practical part.

Anyway, I climbed up the ladder, evolved from doing base & shelving, to doors, case moldings, stair railing, crown moldings and then cabinets and so forth. It took a while, but the time I spent practicing these skills grew and I truly enjoyed every step along the way. In fact, when I moved to Florida after a short time I was given the coveted position of lead trim carpenter.

Over the years I have done other work besides trim, such as decks, flooring, framing, light plumbing repairs, painting, and almost every sort of work performed after hurricane damage - supervising helpers and laborers in drywall removal and installation, light roofing repairs, framing repairs, etc.

Currently I am in the process of looking for steady work somewhere. In the meantime, I have been doing a lot of work for family members - renovating a bathroom, installing hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, adhesive tile, shelving, and anything that makes things a little easier or efficient. I've been getting some work here and there, but it's beginning to look like I may need to move to another state where there is more steady work. I've been back in Michigan a year now and I'm starting to get a little ansy about staying here. I have been searching the internet and so forth trying to find out where there is alot of steady work in skilled trades or construction.

I really don't want to get into anything personal except to say I am a Christian and a true believer. I have to include this because it's what I consider the most important facet of my life or who I am.

Well, that's my introduction. If you have a question about trim, I may be able to give some input. And I'm sure I'll be back to ask whatever questions I may have.
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