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introduction & endless pools

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part of this post should probably be in the "introduction" section as I am new to this forum. Originally from California where I had a fairly successful construction/remodeling business for many years then decided to move to to Thailand, 21 years ago....and since have been managing construction projects of various types & sizes and for the past few years just design & finished construction drawings for other expats......

During the years I lived in So. Cal I owned & operated a concrete pump for about seven years and shot-creted a lot of swimming pools and learned a lot about how to build, in Thailand, they build swimming pools a completely different way. They're pretty much the same as basements without a top and most of them leak !.....anyway, getting to the title of this post, "Endless pools".....I'm trying to gain as much information about them as I can as it would be a very lucrative business here...Importing the equipment is not as feasable as manufacturing them here so my intent is to find others who are interested who have some knowledge of how to produce them...
(note: I realize this is my first post and I probably posted all this in the wrong section)
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Are you referring to "infinity" pools?
No, actually referring to "endless pools"

I can't post any URL's yet as I haven't made the required minimum posts yet.
a search of "endless pools", pick the first one.
Are you referring to "infinity" pools?
endless pools

are you referring to a lazy river type circuitous pool ?
I believe the OP is referencing Endless Pools Swimming Machines.
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