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Hi my name is Justin and I'm a workaholic.
-sorry couldn't resist saying that...

I'm a glazier by trade (almost 15 years as of '14).
I have/do a lot of different things from framing to finish, concrete, welding, painting (including cars) and automotive electronics.

I have my own glass shop with my wife and a friend (for the heavy lifting) in North West Arkansas for 5 years now and worked at a competing glass shop for the previous 10.
In that time I learned how to weld red iron structures (my favorite is a scale model bridge over a pond for a customer's train that he sits on top of and drives around his property) down to decorative handrails and gates.
We built batting cages from the ground up for a turn key operation. I ended up being the concrete finisher (if you haven't seen a big batting cage, it's a bowl with few flat spots) along with low voltage wiring, wood framing the roofs and hanging the nets.
I have been on a couple of crews throughout the years that did everything from framing to finishing and all the fun stuff in between. A quick guess would be about 20 custom homes in this manner.
I like working on custom car stereos in my spare time when I'm not working on remodeling my 1977 house.

I'm looking forward to trading ideas and helpful info with other professionals.
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