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Hello CCR Visitors,

Once again I'd like to extend my thanks to Nathan for his work and efforts putting together such a fine contractor resource. I'm continually amazed at the wealth of information available to us, and the sharing of personal experiences.

Many of you have noticed that the National Alliance of Professional Painters - NAPP, has a banner ad here on CCR.

NAPP was organized with specific goals and objectives in mind. Our core objective is to provide valuable resources and services to painting contractors looking for proven methods to grow their business, and more importantly, their profits. Some of these services are provided directly by NAPP. Other NAPP member benefits are provided by third party service providers negotiated by NAPP on behalf of our members.

Just a few of these services and resources include; marketing assistance and training, sales training, developing service programs and consumer information to gain competitive advantage, exclusive manufacturer buying and warranty programs, customer loyalty programs, web site presence, setting up direct mail campaigns, employee hiring and management processes, etc.

I feel confident in saying that regardless of what a painting contractor is looking for to improve his/her business, NAPP can either provide it, or make worthwhile recommendations to our member on where to find it.

One of the more exciting member services we've launched lately is our Peer-2-Peer Networking Groups. Every week (or every other week) a small group of NAPP members meet via teleconferencing to discuss challenges AND develop workable solutions. It's like having your own board of advisors committed to helping you succeed. It's an incredible experience.

NAPP membership has grown at a satisfying rate. We are now approaching 300 members from all over the United States. I invite all contractors to take a look at what NAPP offers. Our yearly membership fees are very reasonable.

I'm looking forward to sharing more about NAPP, and operating a paint contracting company with CCR visitors. I'll value the information and learning experience as well.

Regards to all,
Mark Havens - NAPP
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