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Hey guys im new to the site and wanted to introduce myself. I guess Im not exactly "new"- I've been reading posts for months- but this is only my second post. I've found that this site has given me some of the best information I could find on the internet when it comes to the construction industry, and looking at the picture posts has made me realized that most guys on here are extremely skilled as well. About me--I am a young (26) construction entrepreneur who is in the process of taking over my fathers business. We do all sorts of work, big and small. Large jobs we act as a GC, small jobs I will do myself. There is nothing I love more then trimming an entire house or installing a rail/newel/baluster system and looking back at my work and truthfully telling myself it could not have been done any better. I hope to start contributing to this site with some pics of current and finished jobs. We have some pretty interesting work coming up. And i promise to never post a "how much should i charge?" thread. I know how to put together estimates and proposals and what my work is worth.

Now my question-
Has anyone used the Azek composite porch boards? I have never used any type of composite porch board but I have heard horror stories of many brands bowing/warping in different climates and especially in direct sunlight. Azek said it is perfect for any application but i was wondering if anyone worked with it first hand. I have a decent sized porch to do and I do not want a nasty callback. Thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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