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Hello, everyone. My name is Brian. I've been in commercial general contracting a little over two years now, and love it. I work both smart AND hard, and take a great deal of pride in quality. I stumbled across this website when I found good answers to several questions I Googled. I finally decided I should join up, and introduce myself. So howdy.

I may run a little verbose, but for anyone interested in back story...

I got into contracting entirely by chance. I'm sharp and good with math, so I always thought I'd be an engineer. I've also always hated desk jobs, though, and enjoy working with my hands. I knew I wanted an engineering job with a significant amount of field time.

I spent 8 years in Zambia, Africa. My parents ran a school there (they've since moved to Tanzania). I had just come back to the U.S. in 2011, without real job experience, or even a driving license. It was a very tough year for me. I couldn't even get a job in fast food or retail, much less pay for an engineering degree. After scraping bottom all year (insert many thanks to amazingly patient and helpful family members who didn't let me end up homeless in the street,) I finally managed to get a break in February 2012 through a temp agency.

The first job I was assigned was two weeks of demo for a commercial general contractor renovating a hospital OB. After demo, the superintendent of the job let the rest of the temps go, but retained me as general labor for the duration of the 4-month job. He then held on to me for the next job as well, which was an ADA remodel in the same hospital, and lasted about another 4 months. I acted as an unofficial assistant superintendent for the second job, and oversaw things whenever the superintendent had to leave the site.

Work slowed in winter, and I spent 3 months trying desperately to find a job, with no success. Even the temp agency couldn't get me anything. But in February 2013, my former superintendent called me and offered me the full-time job as assistant superintendent. Other options were just beginning to open up for me, but I accepted right away, and have never looked back.

I am currently acting unofficially as a superintendent of a small, 2-room renovation. It's only another stepping stone, and I believe a year or two from now, I'll be a full superintendent. My eventual long-term goal is no longer engineering, but self-employment as an independent contractor. For the time-being, however, I am enjoying relative stability and the opportunity to learn the business from a reputable general contractor.

Thanks for reading.
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