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Intro Letter

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Does anyone have a good intro letter template? or an example? Thanks
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Intro letter? Can you explain?
I use this:

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business! Enclosed with this letter is a ______bid for _______ your new residence at ___________. In addition, I would like this letter to communicate a little more about myself, my business philosophy, and some of the details that I will be employing if I have the opportunity to serve you in this regard.
My name is _________, I am ___, and I am the sole proprietor of _______________. I am a detail-oriented person and I place a great value on hard work, integrity, and a job well done. My reputation is very important to me and this is reflected in the way I conduct myself, on and off the jobsite. I want my customers to look back on my completed work and the interactions that I have had with them as a positive experience, one they would be comfortable recommending to others.
In light of this, the best interest of my customers takes precedence. I use only the highest quality materials; in keeping with the best installation practices and products, and I deliver a quality job in a reasonable time frame for a reasonable price. I will always be open to answer any questions and if there is ever a problem I will do my best to resolve it to your satisfaction. I will be open, honest, and conscientious, realizng that in earning your business I am also earning your trust, which I value.

Then I have a bullet point list of distinctives, things that I do to guarantee a better quality job. This is the list for siding

As we trim out and side your home, there are a few details in installation that I would like to highlight that I feel make for a better quality and more aesthetically pleasing product:
§ We follow the applicable manufacturer’s installation instructions when installing products on or in your home.
§ We maintain a clean and safe jobsite.
§ We try to reduce waste, saving on material costs.
§ We transit and snap a level “start” line around the house, to keep siding courses level and consistent around the house.
§ We use siding gauges to maintain an accurate, consistent reveal from course to course.
§ We randomize the joints so one’s eye is less likely to pick out the joints or see a pattern.
§ We rabbet out the back of window trim where it laps over the nail flange on windows to ensure a better joint and tighter fit to the building.
§ We use 16d galvanized casing nails when nailing the exterior trim, nails that still provide excellent holding power but virtually disappear after caulking. This improves the quality of the paint job.
§ We utilize junction flashing; a piece of aluminum flashing that sits behind siding joints to provide a superior weather barrier (this is recommended by the siding manufacturer as well)
§ We prime end grains and any uncoated wood to prevent rot and water absorption.
§ We only use Dynaflex 230, an outstanding caulk for durability and flexibility, which improves the weatherization of your home and reduces the need for future maintenance.

Thank you again for considering my bid! If you have any questions about the bid, siding installation, or any other concern please don’t hesitate to call me at __________.

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