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Interesting Chimney Pt. II Why Imported Roofing will NEVER Out last American!

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Alright, To Make a Very Long Story short.

One of my newer clients was having me do some painting, the last couple of weeks.
Previously I had been working just down the road on another clients house.

I wasn't aware they where shopping for a new roof at the time, until it was time for them to sign.

I figured oh,well I got the painting work, and I am sure future work, soo let the roofers have there roof, and go on.

Poor business decision on my part, and why.

I could have given them such better quality, instead they pretty much got the shaft.

The pictures are there handy work, terrible if I must say!

Next weeks project is redoing their hack attack's.

I should have never let it happen to begin with.

Theres plenty more damage, I just didn't get all the pics.

They put the roof on in 1 - day

Yep, you guessed it, Sold by fancy white guy, Installed by the brown army.

It will take me 4-days minumum to fix all the f-ups, hack attacks, etc. and get it all buttoned up like it should be before ol'man winter hits it.

I like the work, and am happy to have it, but the circumstances suck.

Never the less we'll get it done.

I won't mention who the roofing company was, but they seemed respectable, and represented themselves pretty good, but their work is very poor.

I thought they where supposed to replace the chimney top, guess not.

It doesn't look to bad from the road :eek:

When I did an inspection of the new roof, after being asked to come repair the hack attack on the front fascia boards, is when I found the chimney.
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:clap: I love it! I may have found a new sig! :clap:
I liked that part too.:laughing:
I liked that part too.:laughing:
Just got it! :clap:
Yep, you guessed it, Sold by fancy white guy, Installed by the brown army.
I love it :laughing: Ain't that the truth!

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