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Insurance: Contractor vs. Handyman

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Anyone have good leads on an insurance company that won't force me to raise my rates in order to stay afloat? Recently found out I'm going to be audited- they want to come to my business site and check records- despite the fact that I've been with the company for over 3 years with no claims. Rates continue to rise, and as a small outfit, I'm going to have to pass the charges on to customers. What are you doing out there to deal with this issue?
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If you're a veteran you can't beat the Hartford Group through USAA.
We get an audit every year.This insures that we are paying what we should. This year they did an in house audit and checked the books. Due to slower than normal year, we actually got a refund for the first time ever.
I overestimated last year also but the refund goes toward this years policy
Same experience - they come every year. We got banged big time in 2007, but got a nice credit over the winter, and we're due for another because we still over estimated. It's just something you have to account for.
They audit every year. I just tell em I'll fax the crap they want and I don't have time to sit around the office waiting for them to visit. Take it or leave it. They don't care. They send you a list of documents that they need for the audit. Liability is comp is the audit that sucks.
I used to have Selective and switched to Erie, saved a few bucks and Erie has a great name around here. The audits suck but I guess it's just part of it.
We have Erie also. No complaints, course we've never actually used the insurance either. Our audits are annual and mailed in. No hassle unless we miss a deadline.

I hope the OP understands that we pass on the insurance cost as part of our overhead burden.

Good Luck
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