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InsulMaxx 2000 for sale

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I have a InsulMaxx 2000 insulation blower for sale in Northern NJ. Works great, seals changed earlier this year. Can dense pack with no problem, open blow is a breeze. I think $2750 is a fair deal, if you are interested and would like to make a fair offer, please do.

Here are the manufacturer specs:

Compact and Rugged, the InsulMaxx 2000 is an excellent insulation machine for the contractor who is just starting in the business.
Double agitators assure smooth and accruate fiber conditioning.
Variable air pressure, 18" airlock for blowing or spraying.
1 - 100CFM Blower

Size: 48" x 24" x 22"

1350 lb per hour (cellulose)
400 lb per hour (fiberglass)
800 lb per hour (rockwool)
1000 Square feet per hour (2"x4" wall spray)
3.5 PSI

Weight: 160 lbs
Power requirement: 2 110 volt, 15 amp circuits
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Price drop to $2500. Any offers?!?
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