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Insulation questions

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Hello, I recently purchased a 1951 one and a half story home in MN. It is currently totally gutted and I would like to insulate it myself. I need some help from experienced insulators. All the exterior framing is 2x4 including the roof. I need to achieve at least an r19. I have pretty much ruled out sprayed foam due to cost. What are my options as a do-it-yourselfer? Can I put batt insulation and than cover the entire surface with one inch rigid foam? Can I use 2 inch foam in-between the rafters and then cover the entire roof with one inch rigid foam? Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks, Tony
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Watch the price of the foam board it adds up fast and your labor is worth something. Doing it yourself also limits what you can do. Getting an R-19 min is a good idea but with 2x4 walls not an easy thing. Did you do a ResCheck to find out what you need or did the inspector tell you. Too much foam between the studs and sheetrock can cause headaches in it self
If you have 2x4, you could use kraft faced R-13 or R-15 that is 3.5 thick inches. I'm currently doing a similar project. Lowes is doing a 'truckload event' which means if you buy $400 worth of in stock insulation, you get a $100 gift card (mail in rebate).
Welcome to CT, are you a proffesional contractor/carpenter, or are you a homeowner working on your own home, thanks.
Welcome to CT, are you a proffesional contractor/carpenter, or are you a homeowner working on your own home, thanks.
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The title is a joke; I just wanted to be a little different from the usual. I wanted to take the time to formally introduce myself. I live near Minneapolis, MN. I'm 25 years old, I grew up around the construction industry. I started working for a GC in the summer of 2001 after graduating high school. Since then I have worked for a couple different GC's, and for a custom home builder which employed 4 crews, which was probably the best thing for me. I learned a lot from different foreman that had learned a lot from different foreman. Anyways I joined this site because it has a wealth of information; I enjoy learning from others experiences. Hopefully I can contribute also.
I would stick with R-13 unfaced with
4mil visqueen.
If you need the R-19 add 5/8-3/4"
foil faced polyisocyanurate.
Lots of jamb extensions and box extenders. :thumbsup:

What's wrong with loose fill in the attic?
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Just wanted to thank the guys who gave me some input. I still have not made up my mind for sure, but I'm thinking that I am going to hire a insulating company to blow in fiberglass. They claim r15 in a 2x4 wall. As far as the attic goes, there is about 350Sq ft of usable living space up there. What do you guys think about furring the roof with 2x8s 24" O.C and blowing the cavities?
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