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I am thinking about buying an insulation blower for fiberglass insulation.

I am primarily a roofing contractor and we do insulation as an add-on. We have done about 12 insulation jobs along with the roof replacement.

We did some roofing on an apartment complex and now the need insulation.

Do you know if all insulation blowers make the fiberglass insulation expand at the same rate?

We’ve been using the Owens Corning AttiCat and it seems to make the insulation expand more than what they say it will. Every job that we did had bags left over. I am not sure how to estimate the quantity of bags needed.

I am thinking about buying a better machine but I am not sure if other machines will make the fiberglass expand as much as the AttiCat.

The machine I am looking at is the Cool Machine 1500. I can get it for around $5200. They say it will blow around 755 lbs per hour of fiberglass.

Do you think this would be a good machine for me?

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I think you would be better off looking at cellulose.

My son's machine is an Insulmaxx 4000. Made in Oklahoma City.

There are usually several on eBay at any given time.

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Cellulose is better. The amount that the material is fluffed has to do more with the amount of air and gate settings. The machine you are looking at seems fine but I like krendl as a brand for smaller blowers

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The pdf was too large to attach. Here are the specs:
Cellulose 1800 lbs​
CM 1500​
Fiberglass 500 lbs
Rockwool 1000 lbs​
Large 10 cu./ft. hopper capacity fiber storage.

Quick-release hopper offers fast access to airlock with easy handling and transport.

Quick release auger provides easy access to airlock seal replacement and service.

Slide-gate control provides precise control of fiber.

High quality powder coating provides a long lasting corrosion resistant finish.

Modular design with see-thru access panel for quick troubleshooting and maintenance.

Dual ‘scalping’auger/shredders increase fiber conditioning while providing consistant flow.

High torque TEFC motor/reducer drive provides long motor life.

#40 nickel plated chain and hardened sprockets, are rugged, and corrosion resistant.

One or two integrally mounted 2 or 3-stage blowers w/check valve and filter protection.

100 ft. dual function (3-position) remote cord w/cord hanger, offers control and convenience.

Safety Features: kill switch and manual overide controls promote increased operator safety and
quick hazard response.

Manual thermal overload protection of all motors and electrical components.

Deluxe voltmeter for quick electrical diagnostics and low voltage protection of motors.

Duplex auxiliary outlets for accessory devices.

1202 Industrial Drive, Van Wert, OH 45891​
Ofc: 419.232.4871 Fax: 419.238.0613

All-Fiber, Dense-Pack (retro-fit) SideWall,
Wall Spray, Attic Blow Machine.
1500 series machine is an economical,
compact, high production machine with low
power requirements. The many options
(blowers, input power, wheel package, hopper
extension), offer choices to the small
contractor that require versatility, production,
and low maintenance in a high endurance
machine. (‘scalping’ auger/

*Optional: double blower system​
A Great Choice for the​
‘Weatherization Contractor’
Airlock Power Requirements
Hopper Capacity
Generator Size​
COOL People​
265 lbs.(1-blower)
285 lbs. (2-blower)
24” W x 32” L x 42” H
24” Wx 32” L x 56” H(CE)
10” long x 10” diameter
2.5” output for blowing hose
Quick-release auger for access
to airlock seals.​
One,2-stage (120volt 8amp.)
One,3-stage (120volt 12.5amp.)
Two,2-stage(120volt 8amp.)
Two,3-stage (120volt 12.5amp.)​
Single input,​
15/20 amp. 120
volt. Single Blower.

Double input,​
15 amp. 120 volt.
Double Blower. (8amp &12amp)

(230volt /50 hz, for export)​
Main Hopper: 10 cu./ft.
(2 bags)
w/CE Hopper Extension:
15cu/ft. (3 bags)​
President - Dave Krendl
Ofc: 419.232.4871
[email protected]
24/7 Tech Support:
Ofc: 419.234.5446
[email protected]
1500 series machine
provides an economical, high
production machine with low
power requirements and reduced
weight/size in your truck/trailer
system. The simple design and
minimal moving parts provide a
machine that is low maintenance
and easy to repair.

1202 Industrial Drive, Van Wert, OH 45891​
Ofc: 419.232.4871 Fax: 419.238.0613

General Manager - Andy Schulte
Ofc: 419.232.4871
[email protected]
5,000 watt or larger/ 1 blower
7,500 watt or larger/ 2 blower​
Blowers (2 or 3-stage) single
or double.
CE Hopper Extension
Wheel Package/air or hard tire
Power Inputs:single or double
CE Mark Conformity f/ export
Wireless Remote​
Warranty: One Year​
Overseas blowers​
(230/240 volt, 4amp./6amp. 50hz.)

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It's not the machine that expands the fiberglass to a greater or lesser amount. It's the bails you buy. For instance. If you buy the bails from HD they: weigh 26 lbs.
If you buy from a distributor they weigh 33 lbs, cover more, expand more and settle less.


The Moral of this story is... Well,.... I think you get it:party:

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Hey Mel! I'm an insulation contractor and the Cool Machine would be a great blower for you, its a big step up from the Force 2 blower which most lumber yards carry and for you just adding to your roofing business you don't need anything bigger than the CM 1500. I will give you a number to call on the CM 1500 Rob is such a nice guy to deal with, he will take care of you. 616-510-3100
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