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Inspire by Tapco

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Has anybody had any serious experience with this stuff yet?

We have done a ton of rubber roof tiles ( with good success, however increasingly we get requests for the synthetic tiles like Enviroshake, Davinci and the like. Our supplier has highly recommended the Inspire synthetics, but call me paranoid, this is a part of Canada that has some of the most extreme elements you will find anywhere, and an environment that has had a habit of beating down and destroying many things manmade in very short periods of time.

Personally I am skeptical, but when clients come through the door with gads of cash and too much time on their hands to peruse the internet oracle google for the latest and greatest in roofing products, it is hard to say no yet entirely frustrating at the same time.

Feedback is greatest appreciated from those who have true hands on experience with this stuff and even less so from those who would peddle it.
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I only peddle it so I guess I'm not allowed to help out.

Nah, you can help.

Tell him honestly about what your customers think. Has anybody used it more than once?

Let me back-peddle a bit here.

One thing I cannot seem to find info on is how long has it been around>?

I spose you could say I am tired of hearing the latest and geatest failed material, therfore my skepticism exudes itself :boxing: please forgive me.

I like how these come pre-cropped, have exposure gauges, spacing tabs and colour through. I would really hope if they plan to stick around they keep the entire colour pallette they start with, and that it does prove to live to be longer than the price tag.

And seriously, if they have used it more than once, I would like to know ;).
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