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You've been doing this for a while. As you look back on your many initial meetings with prospective customers over the years you begin to recognize that every customer has a preconceived idea of what it is going to be like to do business with you.

Your job is to listen to what they want to accomplish so you know how to mold yourself, your design, and your presentation to fit their picture. Focus on what's going on in their mind, not yours.

When you whip out your portfolio you limit the amount of communication you can receive from the prospect. They may perceive (as this woman did) that you only have certain types of kitchens and become intimidated by your portfolio. If you can afford to be perceived as arrogant, and only want high end kitchens, then proceed as before.

You'll discover a lot more opportunity when you let the customer tell you their ideas, visions, and dreams before you show them the portfolio. Contrary to what many salespeople think, selling is about the customer's ego, not ours.
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