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Just noticed I'm in the introductions,

I'm from Massachusetts, I'm a hearing instrument specialist by day and a Jackass of all trades during my time off.

I use to build gunite swimming pools, I did it all from the layout to the start up.

I dabbled in floor tile, roofing, window and door installation, finish carpentry, painting, and anything else I could find.

what brought me here today is:

I have a 1980 Compressor 185cfm by IR.

I can not find anywhere online what kind of oil to use in the motor, oil to use in the compressor or if ATF fluid is an acceptable oil to use for the compressor.

I'm hoping some experts here can help out.

I heard anything from 15w-40 for the John Deere motor to straight 30w.

The only thing I could find on the compressor was a sticker that said to us a Heavy Duty Detergent type oil that is a 10w.

I read that a lot of people were using ATF Dexron II or III because it is equal to 10w and it has a lot of great detergents.

John Deere said that I could use a straight 10w heavy duty engine oil which what may be in the compressor now as it is clear with a tint of yellow to it.

I've been having a super hard time finding straight HD 10w with detergents.

any info will be appreciated.

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Welcome to CT neighbor. I can't help you with the oil question though. The best I can do is suggest calling Worcester County Lawnmower Service in Oxford. They work on all sorts of small engines, including generators, compressors, etc
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