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HAHAHAH! Sooo funny.

I already know the test is 50 questions.... 3hrs to finish it.. open book. So, what more could you ask for?!? MULT CHOICE! That's what! They might as well just sell the licenses out right!

Of course I may be getting too cocky.. watch, now that I ran my mouth off about it sounding too easy I'll go in there and totally bomb the damn thing!

But knowing whether or not it's multiple choice would be nice.
Anyone know?

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WV exam

I took the General Building exam in August '09 and it was multiple choice. It took me all three hours to complete it. It's a tough test--I was the only one out of three that passed that day and the others had much more experience. The only reason I did well was I took a class, studied straight for two days in a hotel room, and tabbed my books like crazy. I can't emphasize tabbing enough.
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