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Georgia Licenses

In regards to GA licenses:

“No License required for putting a roof on a building or repairing a roof.”

For the General Contractor:

• Submit the application (snail mail)
• Wait up to a month
• Either get approved or a deficiency
• Approved applications are valid for one year
• When approved, schedule an exam
o There are two exams
 Business Law
 Construction Profession
o Exams are given just about every day
o Examination fee is $72 regardless of 1st or 2nd time taking the exam
o Each portion of Exam can be taken twice within a year.
o If you fail one portion of the exam, you only need to retake that portion
o If either portion is failed twice, then the application is null and void and applicant must totally reapply with the Secretary of State
o You have to wait for the one year eligibility period to expire before reapplying
• When exam is passed, license is automatically issued.
Exam exemptions were possible, but only through July 2007. All applicants must now take exam.

Application requirements (for GC qualifying business)
• $200 application fee
o 4 year degree in construction-type field + 1 year experience as or in the employment of a GC
o Combination of college + experience as or in the employment of a GC to equal 4 years
o 4 years of active/proven experience
§ Two years must be as or in the employment of a GC or other proven experience deemed acceptable by the Division
§ One year must have been in admin, marketing, accounting, estimating, drafting, engineering, supervision or project management or functions deemed acceptable by the Division
o Official Transcript, Diploma or Certificate issued by the school in a sealed envelope
• At least one letter of recommendation from a Licensed Engineer or Architect (guidelines provided)
• Must provide Authorization for Background Check
• Must list all persons & businesses affiliated with applicant (titles, contact info, etc.)
• CPA reference letter (reviewed or audited acceptable) showing the business has a minimum net worth of $150,000.
• Proof that business has a $50,000 Line of Credit
• Proof of $500,000 GL insurance
• Must be registered with Secretary of State and able to find information on state’s website
• Owner/Officer/Partner must sign form stating that Qualifier is responsible for all construction work, contracts, contract performance and financial affairs. NO SEPARATE FRO ALLOWED.
• Passport-type photo no more than 90 days old.

Other interesting information:
• Veterans who served on active duty for at least 90 days during wartime or during any conflict where the President committed military personnel and served active duty for at least one year or were discharged for injury or illness incurred in the line of duty can get Preference Points on their examination.
• Bankruptcy details necessary for 10 years or less
• Outstanding taxes, judgments, student loans, child support must be reported, but may not prevent licensure
• WC is required for businesses with 3 or more employees
• Must be at least 21 to apply
• Criminal background requires a lot
o Copy of conviction/sentencing document(s) from the Court before which they were convicted and sentenced signed by the judge!
o A statement (on official letterhead) from probation/parole officer regarding current status/completion of any probation/parole.

I don’t have any specific knowledge about GA exam prep schools. Please let me know if you need anything else.


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