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Info on a well that has been sitting for a year or so.

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I am looking at moving to a house that has a well that has been sitting for a year or so. It worked when we went out to shut it down last winter, and we broke the outlet pipe trying to shut it down.

I am going out to fix it this week and am wondering if I need to worry about the water being contaminated in the pressure tank. If so, how do we clean and sanitize it? Any other things to look for in a shut down well?
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How about the softener, filters and water heater after the pressure tank.

Flush whole system well. open all faucets and let it rip.
Pressure tanks that sit for a year, assuming it's a bladder style, are prone to failure. I'd replace it and flush the system. And replace the pressure switch as well as the nipple. Use a brass nipple.
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