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Including rental equipment into pricing?

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Most of my jobs are quite small compared to what I gave seen on here, I am currently bidding on a 20,000 brick job. I DONT NEED PRICING FOR THE BRICK I WANNA MAKE THAT CLEAR, what I do need help with is although I do have scaffold of my own I don't have enough for the job so I am renting it all instead of mixing my gear with the rental gear. The GC wants a price per 1000 brick so how do I incorporate the rental price (scaffold $1900 per month, forklift $2800 per month) into the price?Thanks for any info that ya'll can share. Tony.
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(Total rental cost)/20,000 = rental cost per brick.
(Rental cost per brick)*1000 = rental cost per 1000 brick

Or, if you prefer,

(Total Rental Cost)/20 = rental cost per 1000 brick
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If he is ask8ng for a price per 1000 instead of for the total job I would make sure your contract specifies the total amount and includes a penalty if he orders below a certain minimum. You want to be making a profit at 2000 bricks or 20000 bricks. Your rental rates are going to go up if you only rent a week instead of a month. Also, rented equipment always includes state sales tax in my state, so be sure to include that if you need to.
Good point.
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