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hi my name is Gus and i just turned 20 years old. i currently attend arizona state university. by this summer i will have my associates in housing and urban development. idealy in the future i want to start my own development company. but i understand that i have to start from the ground up. and being the age that im at i am perfectly fine with that. i do have a few questions tho

from school and a little research ive done ive come to the understanding that initially i need to learn the field that im aproaching by taking it on hands on. id like to work construction for a few years while im still in my 20s. id also like that experience to be as enjoyable as possible and from what ive put together construction workers make more money on the north east rather then say here in phx because of simple supply and demand of workers. here there is an abundance of foreigners that take up most of that market and do so for less money.

so some of my first initial questions are. how hard is it going to be for me to get up pack up and move to somewhere either mid west or east coast and find a job with little to no experience in construction and only a small degree?
and is it true that me making the trip in that direction would behove me finicially.

any feed back would be great. and im up for critisizm at all times. let me know if i sound nieve.

thanx alot
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