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I'm Mike, a General Contractor based in lower central California. We used to do about 10 to 18 custom homes a year. This year I have done one. Remodeling is our only income and boy have I ate it big financially on many of those.
REO's and Insurance jobs are a-plenty right now and I have lots of questions about the crazy requirements and urban legends that those institutions seem to live by, for example:

1. How do they come to the conclusion that all Contractors can live by 10% overhead and 10% profit! One of the greatest books I have ever read is Mark-up and Profit by Michael Stone (a must read!).

2. How is it that third party estimating firms are determining that we must submit an Itemized Bid room by room. Most subs do not do that, I do not do that, who does that?

I feel I have a lot to contribute to this forum and also desperate for some answers.
I look forward to meeting you all as we get through this crazy market, hopefully in one piece.


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