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I'm Back

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I actually joined this forum about this time last year, but then I got busy. I'll try it again. I am a superintendent/ project manager for a medium size commericial general contractor in Middle Tennesse. Currently in the middle of an elementary school project south of Nashville.
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Well welcome back and Merry Christmas.
Thanks and Merry Christmas to you! Do you do any historic restoration stuff in South Carolina?
We removed part of a wall in an old apartment last year. Pulled up the lanolium to find some beautiful heart pine floors. The owner kepy getting in our way looking at the floors. Finally had to tell him to either leave or we'd just come back after he got through looking. Building was built in 1837. Probably original flooring.
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probly was original. We have done some loft condo conversions in some of the old bldgs downtown Nashville. Lots of heart pine got demoed out, some of it 4 and 5 " X 18" floor joists, some got trashed, some got salvaged, I have several pcs in my shop. Beautiful when you get it cleaned up, but watch out for those square cut nails when you are running it thru your planer!
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